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“Your debt consolidation program works. A Bad credit personal loan wasn’t the answer, your program was. “
Mark M. 
New York, New York

“Your debt consolidation program gave me breathing room, now I can pay my loans and have money left over each month.”
Tonya – Los Angeles CA.

“Credit card consolidation was the answer. I saved 50% in interest, my credit counselor was both professional & friendly. Thanks for your help”
Mary T.
Las Vegas, Nevada


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About Debt Consolidation 
We understand that individuals don’t intend to fall behind on their bills or overextended their credit cards, but as a result of doing so many find themselves in an undesirable set of circumstances, searching for solutions.

Our debt consolidation service offers you the opportunity to reduce all of your monthly credit card bills and unsecured debts into one affordable, low interest, monthly payment. We have the solution to help you become completely debt free.

One of our specialists will analyze your current debt and financial situation and design a reduction program that fits within your monthly budget $300 online payday loan. A counselor will then contact your creditors and negotiate lower monthly payments, reduced interest rates up to 60%, and waive late charges and over-limit fees.

The end result is a new affordable monthly payment that you pay to our credit counseling company which in turn disburses these funds to your creditors. The payoff period for your total debt amount is drastically reduced due to lowered interest charges. You will now get out of debt quickly and safely! We work for you and not your creditors.

Jim plans to get a loan of $ 15,000 to buy a new car. The interest rate is 7% per year. He wants to pay off the loan in five years (60 months). What are the monthly payments for him? Monthly payments: = PAYMENT (7% 12.60.15 000)

PAGOPRIN (principal payment) Calculates payment on principal based on uniform payments and a given interest rate. = PAGOPRIN (rate, per, nper, vp, vf, type) rate per nper vp vf type

Interest rate per compounding period. Period for which payment of the principal is required. Total number of periods. Present value. Future value. (optional entry) Enter 0 for payments that are due at the end of the compounding period and 1 if payments are due at the beginning of the period.

We can consolidate any un-secured debts, including; credit cards, hospital bills, doctor bills, utility bills, student loans and more…. for more information go to our faq page.



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